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Care Partners

We are committed to provide the highest level of compassionate hospice and palliative care.

Placing a loved one on Hospice is a difficult decision that is often compounded by finding a place to care for them. Many of us are caring for someone while working full time. Many spouses are caring for children and trying to work while tending to their loved one on hospice. There are even more people who simply do not have the support system to keep them at home. Currently, there are two choices for a person on hospice: stay at home or move to a skilled nursing facility. Another difficult position people are placed in is being evicted from their assisted living or independent living home due to care needs.

Solace Hospice has partners with skilled facilities, hospitals and various assisted living communities to give families CHOICE. These communities and facilities share the same core values as Solace, and it is an honor to offer this gift of excellent service to families. Our services are aligned with these care partner communities to provide our residents with the best care possible. These programs will allow patients to spend their final days in a fully-furnished private room with all the amenities needed for complete comfort and support. This program is based upon Solace Hospice’s dedication to patient-centered care.

With a family utilizing the Solace programs at each of these locations:

  • There is no longer a need for readmission to the hospital as we are providing intense staffing to ensure they remain in their home comfortably.
  • The loved one maintains their dignity by having a private apartment and shower, as compared to a skilled nursing facility with shared rooms and showers.
  • Monthly rate is approximately 4,000 less than facility costs. The rate includes meals, private room, housekeeping, and laundry.
  • Nurse ratio of 1:8 at all times and up to a 24-hour C.N.A provided by Solace in addition to each community’s staff
  • Loved one is able to remain in their assisted or independent living home till the end of their journey with us.
  • Families can rest and spend quality time with their loved one on hospice knowing they have 24 hour care available.

There is no age restriction or length of stay requirements at any location. This is NOT a unit for medical intervention or crisis management as other hospice companies provide. These programs have specifically been developed to allow all families the respect and dignity they deserve in a difficult time.